2015 Hair Trends

In 2014, we saw long bobs, braids, slick back ponytails and loose waves take the hair scene by storm. The question is how many of these sought after hair trends from 2014 are going to stick around through 2015 and more importantly what new and creative hairstyles will we be seeing everywhere in 2015.

During fashion week 2015, there were several hairstyles that reappeared in many different designer shows.

My favourite hairstyles as seen on the runways of the spring 2015 fashion week were braids,the  middle part and the low pony tail.



braids 3

braids 4

braids 7

braids 9

braids 10

Over the past few years braids have come from being a cute hairstyle for primary school girls, to a super chic and sophisticated option for many occasions. There are so many different braids to choose from including the most simple three strand braid, four strand broad, fishtail braid, water fall braid, rope braid and dutch braid.

Want to learn how to do a dutch braid, fishtail braid and waterfall braid?– Follow these step by step instructions below!


Dutch Braid 

dutch braid

Image 1: Comb out your hair

Image 2: Section off about 1/5 of your hair to start the braid. ( You can section more or less just depending on what you want your dutch braid to look like.)

Image 3: Section your original section into the strands

Image 4: Start by crossing one strand under the other, and continue this with all of the strands until you have your braid. ( Unlike the normal three strand braid, where you cross the strands over each other, make sure you cross the strands under each other to achieve the dutch braid.)

Fishtail Braid 

fishtail briad


Image 1: Section your hair into two even sections.

Image 2: Take a small strand of hair from one of the two sections and cross it over to the other section and add it to that section.

Image 3: Repeat image 2 instructions, only with the opposite strand.

Image 4: Continue to repeat the above instructions until you have a fishtail braid!

Waterfall Braid 

waterfall braid

Image 1: Start this look with any texture of hair.

Image 2: Section about 1/6 of your hair into three strands.

Image 3: Start braiding normally but leave out a strand of hair and place it down along with the rest of your hair. Pick up another strand of hair to replace the hair you dropped.

Image 4: Continue this technique until you finish your braid!


Products that will help you achieve the braid

To achieve the perfect braid it is a good idea to have either a volumising dry shampoo or some kind of texturising product. Using these products will make it easier to braid your hair and will create an effortless and breezing look.

braid products


Luxurious Volume Refresher Dry Shampoo 150.0 ml $15.99 https://www.priceline.com.au/hair/hair-care/dry-shampoo-and-conditioner/luxurious-volume-refresher-dry-shampoo-150.0-ml

braid products 1

Beach Blonde Ocean Waves Sea-Salt Spray 150.0 ml $16.99
Tips for achieving the perfect Braid 
 Tip 1: Braids are easier to create when your hair is dirty or second day hair.
Tip 2: If you have dead straight hair, it is a good idea to use a curler or texturising spray before braiding because curlier hair holds braids better.
Tip 3: Pull the strands of your braid to create a more loose and effortless style.
The Middle Part 
middle part
middle part 1
middle part 4
middle part 5
middle part 6
middle part 7
middle part 8
The middle part hairstyle has been around for centuries as it is universally flattering and so so simple to create. The middle part is so flattering on many different people as it can be styled several different ways. Whether its curled, straightened, natural, off the centre slightly, half up half down or jig jaggard, the possibilities are truly endless! The middle part is so popular as it looks super chic and modern whilst still be extremely elegant and timeless.
Products that will help you achieve this look
All you need to achieve the basic middle part look is a hair comb. Of course you can use texturising sprays, hair stylist and other hair products, but the only necessary item is a brush.
hair comb

Low Ponytail  

low pony

low pony 1

low pony 2

low pony 5


low pony 6


low pony 9


low pony 10


The low Ponytail would have to be my favourite out of the three hairstyles as it is so simple and really appropriate for any situation. For the gym, school, job interview, everyday life or you can add a little something special and turn it into the perfect hairstyle for special events. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it takes seconds to create! Its the perfect hair do when you are in a rush or just having a bad hair day. You really can’t go wrong with the simple low pony!

How to make the low pony more interesting? 

interesting pony 4

Wrapping hair around the ponytail to hide an elastic or hair tie. This can be done in many different ways. The above photo series is just one example.

intersting pony 1

Teasing and curling can add interest to any ponytail instantly!

intersting pony

This photo series is another way to make your ponytail more interesting. The hairstyle will cover the elastic and hair tie forming a seamless look.

Products/ Items that will make your Pony special

Mim disc pony set Aud 29.95                                     http://www.mimco.com.au/shop/accessories/hair-accessories/pony-holders/mim-disc-pony-set-60168412-9439

hair holders

These hair ties will add a little something to your Ponytail in the simplest way possible.

Gondola Pony Cuff AUD 34.95                                    http://www.mimco.com.au/shop/accessories/hair-accessories/pony-holders/gondola-pony-cuff-60170491-9570

hair holders 1

 Hair cuffs add such a chic and modern look to the low pony.

What hair trend are you most looking forward to this year? 




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