Fashion Flash Back- 20s Edition

Part 1: Fashion/ clothing Garments 

20s fashion 120s fashion

20s fashion 320s fashion 4

20s fashion 620s fashion 2

The 1920s saw many changes in fashion as it was the decade when women abandoned the restricting fashions of past and began to wear more comfortable clothes. Two different  periods of fashion characterised the 1920s. Throughout the early years of the 20s, change was slow, as many were hesistant to try new styles. From 1925, the public began to embrace the styles of the time reffered to as the roaring 20s. Women still wore dresses that reached the floor and covered their arms before the 2os. The time period of the flapper played an influential rule in changing women’s fashion drastically.

Where to Buy the 1920s look

Phase Eight Gatsby beaded dress £179 HOUSEOFFRASER.CO

Monsoon Betsy Flapper Dress $350 MONSOON.CO.UK

Black/Gold 1920s Mosaic Dress £35 DESIRECLOTHING.CO.UK

Pearl Decorated Bohemia Hair Accessory $9.99 SIXKISSES.COM

Forever New Couture Bauble Pearl Earring 15 AUD FOREVERNEW.COM.AU

PIECES Pearl Box Clutch £31 PIECES.COM

DaVonna FW Pearl 100-inch Endless Necklace $45 OVERSTOCK.COM

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 5.08.51 pm

Part 2: Hair 

20s hair 720s hair

20s hair 8

1920s hair, commonly know today as old Hollywood Hair is still a popular style for several different events. Due to its extremely glamorous look, it is perfect for more formal occasions. It is an incredibly timeless and elegant look to wear and looks especially stunning with floor length gowns.

How to achieve the 1920s look 

20s hair 3

Follow these Step by step instruction the master the above look 

Image 1: (optional- blow dry hair) and create a deep side part.

Image 2: Curl hair. Curl each strand in the same direction. On the opposite side of your deep part curl hair towards your face to achieve the glamorous 20s look!

Image 3: ( Again optional- tease hair at the crown of your head)

Image 4: Pin all of your hair on the side of your head of your choice.

Image 5: Pull out some pieces to create an effortless look.

Image 6: You are left with an elegant and chic updo!

20s hair 4

Image 1: Section your hair into two sections. Pin up the top half of your hair and braid the bottom hair.

Image 2: Pin the braids to your head.

Image 3, 4, 5 and 6: Curl all of your hair with an curling style tool and pin the curls to your head to cool. ( Pinning the curls to your head will make the curls last longer and look more defined.)

Image 7: Take down all the cooled curls and brush through lightly with a brush.

Image 8: Start pinning curls to your head so that you create a faux bob.

Image 9: Finish the look off with a glamorous head piece!

Spice up your 20s hairdo with glamorous head pieces! 

20s head piece

Debutante Head piece AUD $85.00                             

head piece

Cosmonaught Clip AUD 19                                    

Check out the Mimco sale items on their website for even more beautiful head pieces!

Part 3: Makeup 

1920s makeup 1

1920s makeup 21920s makeup

1920s makeup 4

Three Products you should use to achieve this look!

Product 1: Red lipstick

Nars Audacious Lipstick Lana Vivid Orange Red £24 LIBERTY.CO.UK

Product 2: Eyeliner

Urban Decay Ink for Eyes Waterproof Precision Eye Pen, Perversion 0.02 fl oz $20 BEAUTY.COM

Product 3: Fake eye lashes

SHU UEMURA Flared layer lashes £24 SELFRIDGES.COM

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 12.05.09 am

The 1920s was an extremely influential decade for fashion and beauty. Celebrities still rock the 20s flapper look on the red carpet all the time!

20s celebrities 7 1920s celebrities 1

20s clebrities 61920s celebrities 2

1920s celebrities1920s celebrities 3


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