Fashion Tag Questions

1). What is your favourite store? 

Everyone who knows me well, knows that Forever new is my absolutely favourite store! I always know exactly what is in the store as I check the online store almost everyday!!


forever new


2). Who is your Favourite Model? 

My favourite model is always changing but I have always loved Karlie Kloss. She is absolutely gorgeous and seems to be a very down to earth and genuine girl.

Karlie Klosskarlie Kloss 3Karlie Koss

3). Who is your style icon? 

I have Many style icons including Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, Olivia Palermo and Jennifer Lawrence.

Emma Stone

emma stoneemma stone 2Emma stone 1

Taylor swift 

taylor swifttaylor swift 3taylor swift 1

Olivia Palermo 

oliviaolivia 1olivia 2

Jennifer Lawrence 

jenniferjennifer 1jennifer 2

4). Heels or flats? 

I like flats for everyday wear however when I get the chance to wear heels I will eagerly take it!

5). If you had 5000 dollars to spend on any now item what would it be?

It Would either be a beautiful designer Bag or a pair of designer shoes! However if I was lucky enough to be in this situation it would take me a very long time to decide!

6). Last accessory you bought? 

The last accessory I bought was a beautiful dainty rose gold bracelet from Kate Spade in Hawaii.

Kate spade

7). My closet is mostly full of? 

My closet is mostly full of floral and pastel girly dresses, most likely from Forever New!

8). Who influenced you to write about Fashion? 

I don’t know if there is one person! I have loved Fashion my whole life and for a long time now I have wanted to Share my fashion thoughts with other like minded people! It wasn’t until I came across the Australian fashion blog Flip and style that I decided I needed to create my own blog.

9). What is your favourite fabric? 

Lace, lace lace! As a girly girl of course I am obsessed with everything lace.


10). Favourite fashion TV show? 

My favourite fashion TV show would have to be either the Rachel Zoe show, Project Runway or a new favourite of mine, the City!


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