Fashion Book Reviews


As a fashion lover, of course I like to collect fashion books! Over the past few years I have accumulated a fair amount of fashion books, but today I will be discussing my absolute favourite books!

I get a lot of my fashion inspiration from the above books and since starting my own fashion blog, I have found these books very useful in giving me ideas for blog posts.

Lauren Conrad Style and Beauty Books


As a huge fan of the Hills, of course I love Lauren Conrad’s beauty and Style books. I absolutely love lauren’ s style and beauty books as they contain many useful tips for everyday girls!


The above Picture is taken from Lauren’s beauty book. I love Lauren’s beauty book as it covers several topics from nails to hair to skin care to makeup. She takes you through very clear and simple step by step instructions. The book is really great for everyone as she covers topics for all skin tones and skin types. I really recommend this book especially if you are a beginner with makeup and skincare etc.


Lauren’s Style book would have to be my all time favourite fashion book as it covers so many topics and caters for all types of fashion styles and trends. The photo above shows one of my favourite segments from the book: How to style a little black dress five different ways. In this Style book Lauren discusses wardrobe essentials, how to care for your clothes and shoes etc, her fashion mistakes, decades of fashion and many more! I really love Lauren’ s books because she shows her personality and personal trends etc,  however she still allows her readers to relate to her stories and tips.

The young Hollywoods Style Book 


Alana wulff’s Style guide book, is great! It would have to be my second favourite fashion book. The majority of the book is about young celebrity style! I loved this about the book as I was able to gain inspiration from many Celebrities Style. The book is actually quite educational as it sheds light on the leading people in fashion. It discusses big time editors stylist and PRs like Anna Wintour, Rachel zoe and Kelly Cutrone. The book also includes fun quizzes to find out what your style is and what your fashion dream job is! I personally love this aspect of the book as it kept me engaged right through to the end.


The above Photograph taken from the Style Guide, shows the young and fashionable Hailee Steinfeld. The article explains Hailee’s personal style and how it aligns with her life and work environment! I love the inclusions of photos all through out this book. ( lets face it I am definitely a visual learner!)

Dreaming of… Books



The Dreaming of… Book series was definitely very interesting and different to any other books I have. I really enjoyed reading these books as they are filled with stories of a fashionista women and her many designer dresses. It was really interesting as she goes into depths of her life, sharing stories of important occasions and things that happened to her while she was wearing beautiful designer clothes and couture gowns.


The picture Above was taken from the Dreaming of Dior Book! This page of the book discussed a moment that took place wen the author was wearing this amazingly beautiful couture gown! All of the pictures in the book are sketches of the dresses she is talking about in her stories.


The Dreaming of Dior and Dreaming of Chanel Books are essentially the same however they just cover different stories and describe different dresses! I do believe its worth reading both however if you don’t want to buy too, in my opinion they are equally as interesting- so you really can’t go wrong!

Fashion from the 18th century to the 20th century



I really enjoyed reading this book as it taught me a lot about fashion that we don’t necessarily see in the world today. I thought it was important to understand the fashion of the 18th century to the 20th century as the fashions back then are truly the basis of all the fashions and trends in the 21st century.


The above photo shows some 18th century fashion. The book includes many pictures and engaging descriptions of certain garments and fashion styles.


Overall I recommend any fashion lover to read all of these books! If you know any amazing fashion books that I didn’t talk about today, definitely leave me a comment and I will check them out!


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