Wish List: Nume Hair Curlers

Over the past year or so, I have read some great reviews on the Nume hair curlers! Although the curling wands are rather expensive I believe they are worth the money as they create gorgeous curls! One of the many things that caught my eye with these curling wands are the amazing sets they come in.

nume wands

The above photo shows one of Nume’s best selling products. This set comes with 5 Interchangeable wands which is great because essentially with one wand you can get 5 different curls! This set can create a beachy wave, tight taylor swift curl and all types of loose bouncy curls.

Here are some looks achieved with the Nume curling wands! 

nume looks 1

nume looks

nume looks 2

I absolutely love the curls in all of the photos above. For all of these photos a larger curling wand was used to achieve these effortless and beachy looks.

If you are thinking of buying a Nume curling wand research the net for coupon codes. There are many websites that give away substantial coupon codes so you can find great deals on the Nume hair products.

If you own any type of Nume wand definitely leave a comment and tell me which wand is your favourite and if you think it is worth the money.


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