H&M coming to Brisbane!


I can hardly wait for H&M to open its store in Brisbane later this year in March! I walked past the stores location yesterday at indooroopilly shopping centre and I was very impressed! The store looks huge which is very exciting!

If you have never had the privilege of shopping in an H&M store you are probably wanting to know why I am so excited!

Beautiful clothes for great prices

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 11.10.47 am

All of the pieces above were under $30! Bargain right!! Now I am not completely sure the prices will be this low in Brisbane however on the H&M Australian website the prices are really low considering the beauty and quality of the clothes. This is so exciting for us Aussies, as it is really hard to find inexpensive beautiful clothes in Australia!

The size of the store

H&M 1H&M 2

There are not many Fashion stores in Australia as big as the proposed H&M Brisbane store. It appears to be only one level but the one levelled store was one of the biggest in the shopping centre!

New collections/ clothes constantly 

H&M 3H&M 4

If you ever go into H&M and there is nothing you like… no need to worry, they are constantly updating there collections so I am sure you would be able to find at least one thing.

Online website/ Shipping details

Australia does have its very own H&M website containing all of the products that are sold in Australian H&M stores. The only down side is that they do not ship interstate. So really the only way you can purchase H&M items is in store! So thats exactly why I am so excited that H&M is launching in Brisbane!


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