Proactiv Review


I have been using Proactiv skin care for several years now and it is safe to say I am a big fan! Proactiv seems to be one of those brands that you either love or hate, but I wanted to let you know exactly why I love it so much!

Proactiv was one of the first skin care brands I ever used and I still use it to this day every day! If you are committed to using these products properly everyday I really do believe your skin will be changed for the better.

With any skin care brand it is important to figure out which specific products work best for you. After several years of using many different proactive products I have found a routine that works great for me! Of course this will be different for everyone depending on your skin type!

What are my Favourite Products? 


I really love Proactivs Face cleansers! I use these cleansers twice a day in the shower to freshen up my skin and help fight break outs! I often switch up what cleanser I use, whether it is the basic original cleanser or the deep face wash cleanser. I find that the deep Face wash Cleanser is great if you are looking for a lighter cleanser for sensitive skin whereas the original cleanser is a little more corse. I highly recommend both of these products as I have noticed such a difference in my skin since using them on a everyday basis!


Of course moisturising is an essential part of my skin care routine and I absolutely love the moisturises that Proactiv offers! My favourite moisturiser by Proactiv would have to be the green tea moisturiser however I still really love the oil free moisturiser. I loved to use the oil free moisturiser in the morning as I have oily skin, and I find this moisturiser really prevents my skin from being extremely oily during the day. I like to use the green tea moisturiser at night as it is super soft and hydrating and makes my skin look bright and fresh in the mornings when I wake up!


The Proactiv mask is amazing!!! It is my absolute favourite product! If you were to buy one Proactiv product I would definitely recommend this mask! You can use it as an all over face mask or on problematic pimples as a spot treatment. I use this mask a lot as it really makes a difference in my skin! This mask can dry your skin out so make sure you use a moisturising product straight after using the mask.

Little tip: I know many friends who have tried out Proactiv and didn’t like it merely because the expected to see a difference in the first few days! The first time you use these products it may take up to three weeks to see a noticeable difference, however it is so worth the wait! So don’t give up on it!!!!


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