My Summer Body Must haves


During the summer time, I love branching out and trying as many body products as I can! My skin often feels dry especially if I catch a little too much sun and get burnt! I am guessing many of you love hydrating yourself and smelling great in the summer so I thought I would share my top 4 current favourite body products!

Fav 1: Soap and Glory Righteous Body Butter 

IMG_5634  IMG_5636

The Righteous Body Butter from Soap and Glory is great! The scent is awesome for summer as it is quite fresh and fruity. The body butter contains softening Shea butter and aloe vera which makes the formula incredibly hydrating and smooth! (great for dry skin) I have owned this Body Butter for quite sometime now and I use it on a regular basis however due to the large size of the product it lasts so long and isn’t going to run out anytime in the near future! Some Body butter’s on the market smell great in the container however after the application of the product they tend to loose their scent. This is no such issue with this Soap and Glory product! The delightful smell lasts ages after you apply the product to your body! Overall the body Butter from Soap and Glory is a fabulous product and I would 100% recommend it for the summer time!

Fav 2: Crabtree and Evelyn Ultra Moisturising Hand Therapy 

IMG_5638  IMG_5639

As you can see by the very tattered and squished packaging of this hand cream, it has been very loved! This scent of somerset meadows is actually very similar to the scent of the Soap and Glory Body Butter, as both are very fruity, fresh and appropriate for the summer time! The product claims to be ultra moisturising and I definitely think it is. This kind of hand cream product is awesome for any time of the year however the summery scent causes me to use it most in the summer time! Even if my hands don’t feel dry I love using this product as it feels super soft and smells super yum! If you have dry skin, especially hands, this is definitely a great product for you to try out!

Fav 3: Marc Jacobs Honey Body Lotion 

IMG_5651  IMG_5647

First up, let me just point out the obvious! This product has super cute summer appropriate packaging! The Mark Jacobs Honey Body Lotion is great for summer as it is very soft an hydrating as well as having a lovely scent! The smell of this Body lotion is almost identical to the Honey perfume by Marc Jacobs which I also love for the sumer time. The scent is fresh, fruity, somewhat florally however I myself can’t smell the honey scent! Nevertheless I love the scent and it is absolutely perfect for summer. The product is a radiant enhancing body butter that successfully leaves your skin feeling bright and beautiful! Therefore I definitely recommend this product to anyone during the summer time!

Fave 4: The Body Shop Body Butter in Buerre Corporel 

IMG_5646  IMG_5643

I love this product from the body shop as it smells delightful and really does a great job of hydrating and moisturising the skin! The formula of the product is very thick however it is extremely easy to apply on the skin due to its hydrating properties. The product contains Shea Butter which makes the Butter extremely moisturising and lovely for the summer time! The scent of the product is of course very fresh and fruity however unlike the products mentioned above it contains some coconut in its scent which is so deliciously yummy to smell and perfect for the summer time of course! Like the first Body butter I mentioned this product lasts a long time! A little bit truly does go a long way. I really really love this product and would for sure recommend it to anyone looking for an ultra moisturising and highly hydrating product for the summer time!


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