Feb Faves

What have I been loving this Feb? 

IMG_5626 2

Fave 1: Maybeline Baby Lips

During the month of February I rediscovered my baby lips lip balm and I have been absolutely loving it! I find the chap stick form very practical and easy to use and the actual formula of the lip balm is very moisturising and smooth!

Fave 2: Channel Lip Gloss 

I have owned this channel lip gloss for a while now and I love it! I thought it was worth the mention as it is very pigmented, long lasting and the colour is simply gorgeous.

Fave 3: Victoria’s Secret Body Spray in True Escape 

I am simply obsessed with the true escape scent from Victoria’s Secret! it is super fresh and an absolutely perfect smell for the spring and summer time. The great thing about the vic secret sprays and scents is the lasting power! They apply strongly however the scent isn’t overpowering and they last so, so long!

Fave 4: Proactiv Cleanser 

Of course my Proactiv Cleanser is a favourite of mine! I have definitely got good use out of it in the past month in particular! It leaves my skin super soft and clean and really helps prevent breakouts.

Fave 5: Typo 2015 Diary 

As I have just started university I have been getting a lot of use out of my Typo diary!

Fave 6: Iphone 5c

I know this phone isn’t  exactly the newest and coolest phone out right not but I recently just bought it in the month of feb and I love it so much! Apple products in general are the bomb!

Fave 7: Proactiv Night Cream 

Towards the start of february I was experiencing some trouble with my skin! I found this product in my bathroom that I had previously neglected and it has truly done wonders for my skin! It smooths the skin flawlessly and leaves the skin acne free in the morning!


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