5 Tips To Winterise Your Summer Wardrobe

1. Layer, Layer, Layer

Take your summer shirts, skirts, dresses etc and add a few layers either on top or underneath. It will instantly transform your summer outfit into a perfect winter combination.

layer  layer2  layer3

2. Choose the colour of your outfit wisely!

Monochrome always works as well as deep purples, greens, reds and black! Maybe just avoid pastels although with the right styling they can work for the winter months.

colours colours 2 colours 3

3. Add a scarf

Add a scarf to any of your summer short sleeve shirts and voila, its more wintery already! Apply step 1 of layering with this tip of adding a scarf and you will be ready to rock the weeks of winter.

scarf 1 scarf scarf 2

4. Add tights

Transition your summer skirts, shorts and dress into autumn and winter by simply adding a pair of tights.

tights tights 1 tights 2

5. Swap Sandals for Boots

Boots can transform almost any outfit into a winter appropriate one! They will keep you nice and warm and will always look super stylish.

boots boots 2 boots 1


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